Notice of Parish Council Meeting

To:        Parish Councillors

Mike Baker, Mark Goldman, Andrew Heard, Liz Hunkin, Roger Hunkin, Mackie Poole, Michael Stokes


Please note that you are summoned to a meeting of Frithelstock Parish Council to be held at Frithelstock Village Hall on Thursday 7th July 2016 at 8:00pm.


Business to be transacted at the meeting:

  1. Welcome by the Chair and introduction of new Parish Clerk
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of the Meetings of the Parish Council held on 5th May 2016
  4. Declarations of Interest
  5. Public Participation
  6. Matter Arising:
    1. Rakeham Hill Traffic/Highways Signage/Flooding Problems
    2. Feedback from PC Ash Steer
  7. Clerk’s Report:
    1. Correspondence
    2. Clerk’s Pay Award
    3. Village Sign Repair/Replacement
  8. Members’ Reports
  9. Parking in Hele Lane
  10. PRS for Music Consultation
  11. Planning: Application, 1/0579/2016/FUL: Stone Cottage, Demolition of existing front boundary wall and construction of new brick work
  12. Playing Fields Association, Matters concerning insurance and deeds raised at the PFA Meeting held on 6th June
  13. TAP Fund 2016/17 – Proposal for Joint Lengthsman by Buckland Brewer Parish Council
  14. Website Development
  15. Finance
    1. Receipts and Payments
    2. Internal Audit Report
    3. Inspection Period
  16. Chairman’s Report







Patrick Blosse, Parish Clerk, 1st July 2016