Frithelstock Rowers Club

Cheque for £2,582

Rowing Club Members

Group photo, (2011)



Tony Sanders, Captain
Charlie Heckman, Coach

Two years ago Terry Warrington met Charlie Heckman, an experienced sports coach, and their conversation focussed on Charlie’s experience in running a ‘static rowing team’. Out of this came the idea to raise a team to challenge the time set by Charlie’s team in Clevedon which recorded a time 6 hours 12 minutes to cover 100,000 metres. Clevedon’s team had eight rowers who used the Concept 2 static rowing machine – a model widely used in gymnasiums across the UK.
A group of amateurs, most of whom had little of no experience of rowing, formed the Frithelstock Rowers in 2011. After eight weeks concentrated coaching and training at the Village Hall and elsewhere, the team beat this record on 6 November 2011. The team then was made up of ten with four reserves: Tony Sanders (Captain), Greg Ball, Kevin Beer, Steve Beer, Lizzie Hunkin, Heathcliffe Pettifer, Mark Priest, Ollie Sanders, Mark Thomas, Terry Warrington. Reserves: Pat Sanders, Dave Birch, Chris Ward, and Tony Tolson.
On Sunday 6 November, the team rowed 100,000 metres to raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust. It is a remarkable example of what dedicated amateurs can achieve for the time recorded was 5 hours 42 minutes beating the target by 30 minutes. The villagers rallied to the cause raising £2,600 plus (Cheque for £2,582 plus donations made direct) – a record sum for a community with only 320 residents, most of who contributed to the cause. To their surprise, the final time was only 10 minutes off beating the UK current record for the age group 40 to 50 year-old men’s group.
Today there are two teams, a men’s and a ladies and both are preparing for another attempt on the UK record. Provisionally, the challenge will take place this autumn – in October or November.
New British and World Record – 17 November 2013
A team of ten, four ladies and six men all aged between 40 and 49 rowed – on Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine, 100,000 metres (62 miles) in 5 hours and 28 seconds.  Subject to confirmation, this will create a new British and World Record.  The team: Mark priest, Chris Poole, Mark Thomas, Richard Basher, Kevin Beer, Nick Hilton, Julia Beer, Helen Haville, Jess Gierke and Alphea Hancock.
Supporters raised a total of £200 towards a defibrillator for the village.

Watch this space for further news.

Ex-Servicemen’s Skittle Club

Michael Short, Chairman
Tel: 01805 623359

Maureen Poole, Secretary
Tel: 01805 622834

Jenny Hearn, Treasurer
Tel: 01805 622144

The Skittle Club was one of the first clubs to be organised in the village. It came about at the end of the First World War when the government gave grants to Parish Councils to provide facilities for ex-servicemen.
The building for the alley was constructed of galvanised iron and was built on a piece of Lord Clinton’s land near Broad Park Cottage and for more than forty five years it provided the centre for a large part of the villages sporting and social activities with Saturday night being skittles night.
The old skittle alley building had no toilet facilities and consequently when it was put up for sale by Lord Clinton around 1970 the club decided not to purchase it and moved to the Village Hall where matches are now played.
At present there is one ladies team, The Penguins, and three men’s teams, Frithelstock AThe Clintons and The Jokers. All play in the Bideford League with the men playing on Monday evenings and the ladies having their home matches on a Tuesday.
Competitions arranged annually include a Pairs Knock Out, a members Christmas competition, The Ford Cup which is a knock out competition between the two players from each team who has the highest average score and an inter team knock out in which all teams compete against each other.
The playing season runs from September to April and currently the club has some thirty six members who pay and annual subscription of just £7.50 per person. If anyone wants to hire the skittle alley it will cost parishioners £7.50 non parishioners £10.
Anyone wishing to join the club or discuss any skittle related matters should contact any committee member.



Last updated 5 February 2018