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Frithelstock Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday 5th May 2016 at 8:00 pm in Frithelstock Village Hall

Councillors Present: Mr M Baker, Mr Mark Goldman, Mr Andrew Heard, Mrs E Hunkin, Mr Roger Hunkin, Mr M Poole and Mr M Stokes.

Clerk: Mr P Blosse

Also in attendance:  6 members of the public, PC Ashe Steer, and Cllr. Phil Pennington (DCC)

KEY: Actions are shown in bold blue type    Decisions are shown in bold red type

  1. Election of Chair               Mike Stokes was proposed by Mark Goldman, seconded by Andrew Heard and his appointment was agreed unanimously.


  1. Election of Vice Chair Mackie Poole was proposed by Roger Hunkin, seconded by Andrew Heard and his appointment was agreed unanimously.


  1. Apologies for Absence: PCSO Melissa Baker and Terry Warrington (Snow Warden)


  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March2016: The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2016 were agreed and signed.


  1. Declarations of Interest               None


  1. Public Participation               None


  1. Matters Raised at the Annual Parish Meeting:
    1. It had been suggested that the Parish Council’s representative on the Village Hall Committee, Eileen Brown, should become an elected member of that committee and that Mike Stokes should replace her as the Parish Council Trustee. This was agreed unanimously.
    2. An issue concerning a resident using abusive behaviour had been discussed. PC Ashe Steer had been unable to attend the Annual Parish Meeting but gave an overview of the situation at this meeting. He said that 2 members of the public had reported abuse but it was generally felt at the meeting that the problem was far more wide-spread with abuse and malicious calls to the police being mainly directed at local motorists and the farming community and their contractors. Mark Goldman suggested that all complaints needed to be collated at one central point but P C Ashe Street felt this was impracticable. Richard Joseph asked if the local Speedwatch Team could contribute any help. Andrew Heard said that it needed police presence at the right time and P C Steer said that he was trying to do this. He thought that a criminal protection notice might be issued at some time.
    3. It had been suggested that two councillors should be nominated to the Playing Field Association. Mike Baker and Mark Goldman were proposed by Mike Stokes, seconded by Liz Hunkin and their appointments were agreed unanimously. It was also agreed that the Playing Field Association equipment should be added to the Parish Council’s insurance policy.


  1. Matters Arising:
    1. Rakeham Hill Traffic/Highways Signage/Flooding Problems It was agreed that the meeting to progress these matters could not go ahead until Councillor Gaston Dezart returned to work. Mark Goldman said that, in the meantime, he will collate a report of the residents’ complaints.
    2. Parish Notice Boards It was agreed to request a grant of £450 from Councillor Phil Pennington to replace one notice board in the current year.
    3. Welcome Pack The Clerk said that the WI had asked whether a leaflet could be added in to the Welcome Pack. This was agreed unanimously. The Clerk had not yet converted the file to A5 size as his software appeared to be unable to do this. Adrian Green said that he would provide either the software or advice as appropriate.
    4. Planning Complaint Mike Stokes had been in touch with David Green, Head of Planning at Torridge, following his complaint concerning the treatment of Parish Council consultation responses and had been told that a series of planning seminars would be starting on 19th
    5. Hele Lane Planning Application There was a discussion about the planning application for 3 properties in Hele Lane. The Council was under the impression that the recent consultation had been on “access only” as this was clearly stated on the documentation, but it was believed that outline planning permission had been granted to build the three properties. Councillor Pennington said that he would follow it up. 


  1. Proposed Listing of Frithelstock War Memorial: An email had been received from Historic England to say that they are considering adding Frithelstock’s war memorial to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. They will be in touch again once they have completed preliminary investigations.


  1. CPRE ‘Our Outdoors’ Competition: ‘Our Outdoors’ has been developed by CPRE to replace the Best Kept Village Competition which they felt needed modernising. There are 3 categories: Most Creative and Distinctive Outdoor Space, Most Improved and Innovative Outdoor Location, and ‘Our Outdoors’ as a Special Sustainable place in the Community. Applications to enter one category only were invited by 30th June 2016. Results will be announced on 30th September 2016. Following a discussion it was felt that the new competition was not specific enough in its requirements or suitable for Frithelstock Parish but members agreed to reconsider entering again in future years.


  1. Queen’s Birthday Celebrations: Mike Stokes reported that the Entertainments Committee were not keen to organise an event as they already had a number of events planned. However, the WI had offered to hold a ‘bring and share’ tea with entertainment for the children in the Village Hall on Saturday 11th June between 3:00 and 6:00pm. It was agreed unanimously that the Parish Council would donate £100 to help with the cost of alcohol for the event. Adrian Green is to organize a ‘Royal’ game for the children. It was noted that WI funds were getting low and it was agreed that any profits from the raffle at the event would be donated to the WI.


  1. Electoral Review of Torridge, Consultation: The Council was invited to contribute its views on an electoral review of Torridge District Council, which is considering the total number of district councillors, the number of wards and the number of councillors representing each ward, ward boundaries and ward names. There would only be an impact on parishes if a parish were to be divided due to a change in ward boundaries. Draft recommendations will be published on 6th September 2016, after which there will be a further consultation period. Any changes will take effect in the elections of 2019. Members agreed to await the next round of consultation before making a response.


  1. Clerk’s Report:
    1. Appointment of New Clerk: The Clerk has advertised the vacancy in the North Devon Journal and widely among the present Parish Clerks throughout Devon. Three people had so far shown an interest and all appeared to be interested in taking on both Frithelstock and Monkleigh parishes. If appropriate, it was agreed that a joint panel made up of the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of both Councils could conduct the interviews, otherwise a panel for the Frithelstock post alone would comprise Mike Stokes, Mackie Poole and Liz Hunkin. The Clerk had not set a specific closing date but felt that the Councils should wait until the middle of May before settling on a short list.
    2. Correspondence The clerk had distributed 24 items of correspondence by email since the January meeting. He highlighted a ‘Parish and Planning Engagement Session, organised by Torridge Council, on 19th May 2016. Councillors Mike Stokes, Mark Goldman and Andrew Heard wished to attend. Cllr Andrew Hewitt had supplied notes from the DALC Highways Conference held on 16th March 2016 which the Clerk will distribute by email. Mark Goldman noted that a voucher scheme was being offered for parishioners who could not get superfast broadband but that Wild West Net were not on the list of approved suppliers.
    3. Police Report: In the absence of PCSO Melissa Baker, it was reported that since 1st January 2016 there had been 9 logs (6 highway disruption, 2 road traffic collisions, 1 road related offence and 1 environmental anti-social behaviour). There had been 3 crimes (Use of threatening, abusive or insulting words, behaviour with intent to cause fear of or provoke unlawful violence). It was agreed that the report would be forwarded to P C Ashe Steer.



  1. Members’ Reports:

Cllr. Phil Pennington i) explained that a new grant scheme provided him with a fund of £10,000 for distribution in his ward. Ii) He explained that the Electoral Review of Torridge would almost certainly result in District Councillors being allocated responsibility in the north of the district where the majority of the population is located. There will be the same number of councillors so those responsible for rural areas will have to cover a wider area. Iii) The District Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State shortly. The wind policies for North Deon and Torridge are now different with North Devon keen to give more weight to the opinions of the local communities when deciding wind turbine applications.


Cllr Gaston Dezart was not present.

Mike Baker asked Richard Joseph to issue an email on the local network about the Queen’s Birthday event and to advertise it on the website.


  1. Playing Field Association Constitution: Mark Goldman had supplied a more up to date copy of the Playing Field Association’s Constitution showing that it had not been established as a charity. It was agreed that two parish councillors should be appointed to the Playing Field’s management Committee. Mike Bake and Mark Goldman had been appointed (see item 152c). It was agreed that the Lottery Grant application should be submitted in the name of the Parish Council.


  1. Website Development: Liz Hunkin and Mark Goldman are managing the development of the site and had emailed councillors about the amount of contact information to be added. It was agreed that there would be at least one contact point for each member and it would be at the discretion of each councillor whether this would be a telephone number, email address or something else.


  1. Devon Air Ambulance: Night Time Flying Mike Stokes and Mike Baker had met with Toby Russell from DAAT to inspect the playing field as a possible site for a night time helipad and he had also attended the Annual Parish Meeting. Some residents were against the idea, mainly on the grounds of the disturbance to animals. Mark Goldman felt that DAAT were looking for more densely populated sites. Mackie Poole pointed out that the playing field was the only site without animals an Richard Joseph reminded the meeting that the air ambulance had landed in the village twice recently. Following a general discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council would not be pursuing the idea.


  1. Finance
    1. The following expenses were approved (£391.12):

Clerk: Salary – Net Pay and expenses, Jan/Feb (Net £179.33; PAYE element £43.10)

DALC, Affiliation Fee – £63.01 + VAT

I A & E J Brown, Grass Cutting – £455.00 + VAT

Western Power Distribution, New Supply to Traffic Sign – £395.68 + VAT

  1. Receipts since last meeting (£0.12):

TDC@ 1st Instalment of Precept and Rate Support Grant – £2,562.35

  1. Bank Balances:

Community Account            – £5,493.14 as at 11/04/16

Business Money Manager  – £665.05 as at 11/04/16

  1. Annual Accounts and Governance Statement: The Clerk distributed a summary of the annual accounts and governance statement for 2015/16, which was approved unanimously. The Clerk explained that the accounts were subject to internal audit on 7th June and then had to be submitted to the external auditor by 10th June 2016.


  1. Chairman’s Report Mike Stokes said that he had been contacted by someone via the parish website who had been evacuated to Old Pound 80 years ago. He had sent her some photos of the area as it is now.




There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9:40 pm


SIGNED AS A TRUE RECORD: ……………………………………………………………………………… (Chair)


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Next Parish Council meeting will be held in Frithelstock Village Hall on Thursday 7th July 2016 at 8:00pm.