Healthy Start flyer 2020

Healthy Start is programme to help families with young children get
free food vouchers to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and
vegetables and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins
for under 4’s (vit A, C and D) and vitamins if you are pregnant (folic
acid and vit C & D). Because we’re indoors a lot of the time at the
moment, we might not be getting enough vitamin D from sunshine so
a vitamin D supplement will help.

If you have children under 4 or are pregnant, and you or your family
receive qualifying benefits you may be eligible – you can quickly find
out here.

Applying is easy, you can print off an application form from the
Healthy Start website and post it to the Healthy Start office.
Once you are registered, food vouchers are posted to you every 4
weeks and vitamin coupons every 8 weeks.

To make things easier at the moment, vitamins are currently being
posted to families – please ask your midwife or Children’s Centre for
more information, or text your health visitor on 07520 631721
Get free food and vitamin vouchers from the Healthy Start Programme