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Above: Open Day
Lynne Kenderdine ( Living Space), John Vickery and Jean Hopkins.

New equipment &  gazebo 2008

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A bird’s eye view  (Click image to enlarge)

Friends of The Playing Field
For most of the time, little help is needed to keep everything in order but there are occasions when additional help will be appreciated.  For this reason in July 2012, ‘Friends of The Playing Field’ was created and anyone who feels they would like to give up and hour or two to help tidy the field, paint the equipment, help with maintenance, or assist in erecting marquees, please let us know. Write to  

2013 Tractor Safari

The organisers would like to thank everyone for a great day at the Tractor Safari. Everybody really enjoyed the lovely countryside and the chance to view areas of our parish that are usually out of reach and sight. A special ‘thank you’ is due to the Poole family for organising a route on and around their farm, passed their ponds and through their woods.
This event was a great combined effort with the Village Hall Committee getting behind the Playing Field Committee to make it such a great day.
A big ‘thank you’ to all the Friends of the FPF and all the tractor drivers, many of whom made three trips round the route to enable all the enthusiastic riders to take the enjoy the experience.
The food was excellent. Many thanks to Eileen Brown, Rose Faulkner, Kim WarringtonMarcelle Paton-Smith, and Leslie Ball for producing delicious pork rolls, and ice cream.
There would have been a very big hole in the marquee without liquid refreshment dispensed by the Village Hall Bar Committee: Mel, Joyce, Collette, Michelle and the Brooks girls.
Our thanks also go to Ian Smith and his Tractor Team of Edward BrownMitchell BrightStuart and Robert Faulkner, and Steve Wooldridge for organising the tractor safari, the tractor skittles, tractor reversing course and the digger skills contest. They were all great fun to watch!
Thank you also to David Smith and Susan Bowman for collecting the money and marshalling cars and tractors. To Adrian Green who provided the Golf Chip contest – far more difficult than it looked! To Tony and Olly Sanders and Steve Bond who organised a splendid Ball Lobbing game. To Mark Goldman who arranged the electrics, and Mark Thomas who set the Quiz that kept us all guessing.
On the day we raised:


Hot rolls and ice cream £178.50
Gate Receipts £491.80
Golf Ball Chipping  £70.00
Bar Donation, including licence money £76.00
Ball Lobbing £23.20
Tractor Games £34.45
Total £873.00


Thanks to everyone who supported us on the day.   Here is a selection of photos:


Photos: Maureen Poole

Frithelstock Playing Field Committee

Spring clean up 2013
Fourteen ‘Friends of Frithelstock Playing Field’ turned out on Saturday 18 May to carrying out maintenance of the equipment. Some parts needed cleaning with a high pressure jet-wash, the long grass around the equipment needed strimming and one bench needed completely repainting.
Although the forecast at the start of the week had not been helpful, the day turned out to dry and sunny. We have Ian Brown to thank for setting the scene by mowing the main area which left just the borders of the equipment and the edges of the field to be strimmed. At one point, we had eight people strimming!
Our thanks too, to Roger Hunkin for bringing his jet-washing equipment (and a tank full of water!) which made light working of cleaning off the winter slime.
One major task was the complete repainting of the bench which will shortly incorporate a plaque to John Vickery, one of the founders who died last year. An oak tree was also planted in his memory. Members of his family have been invited to see these features.
Although there is still some painting and minor tasks, the whole Playing Field looked very neat and tidy by the afternoon. The committee extend their thanks and appreciation to Chris and Ruth WardMartin and Luke LittleMarcelle Paton-SmithMackie and Chris Poole, Roger (Chunky) Hunkin, Mark Goldman, Ruth Blake, and Adrian Green.
 If you would like to be involved when the next ‘working party’ is needed, either telephone Terry Warrington or send an e-mail to.  We welcome new members.
Make a note in your diary – A Tractor Safari will take place on Sunday 25 August. Look out for more details which will be circulated in good time.

Terry Warrington, Chairman

L-R: General view – Jet-washing the Gazebo – planting the oak tree

L-R: trimming and raking – back to bare wood, and replacing fittings

Independent Inspection
In 2012, a full inspection was carried out to cover safety and maintenance standards.  The inspection was carried out on 10 May by Chris Buss RPII Annual Inspector for The Play Inspection Company Ltd, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 9AN.
Overall, the equipment passed without any urgent work being required and all risks are stated as being ‘low’ or ‘very low’.  One item that required some maintenance has already been actioned and other minor issues will be improved shortly.
Parents and children can therefore feel confident when using the equipment. But parents are always advised to keep an eye at all times.
Our thanks to everyone who has helped to keep the field tidy and presentable.

Read the 2012 report
Read the 2016 Report

The Big Clean 15 May 2011




Earth & Turf

Saturday 14 May saw a group of dedicated volunteers who came to help clean, pressure wash, stain and paint the equipment. In addition, the gravel surround to the pagoda has now been covered with several tonnes of earth and covered with turf. The pagoda itself now sports a fresh coat of paint – alongside all the pieces of equipment. But the painting was not completed and another day is needed to finish the tasks. The swings have been replaced – and other repairs made – and all the equipment checked for damage and excess wear.
My thanks to all those who came along – hard working helpers on the day include, Elaine & Wayne Rowtcliffe (who came from Torrington and wanted to help as they often use the play area), Marcelle–Paton–Smith, Mike Stokes, Jeff Bowman, Chunky Hunkin (for pressure washing), Aussie Conner (for the turf), Charlie Heckman, Heathcliffe Pettifer, Dave Birch, Mackie Poole, Steve Beer for the earth, and John Vickery for a major contribution to the cost of the paint and – not forgetting – the Play Committee: Greg Ball, Mark Goldman, Mark Thomas. Terry Warrington.



The History of Frithelstock Parish’s Playing Field
Hele Lane, Frithelstockstone
For 30 years local children were allowed by the Allin family to use their field play in and everyone was happy but one resident eventually objected to this activity claiming `misuse of agricultural land’. This action set in motion events that led to the formation of a formal playing field.
Since 2002 the Playing Field has been developed and equipment installed, thanks to the enthusiastic help from many members of the Parish. A summary of events show just how much effort has been made by local people:

Year Events and Achievements


2000 Land was offered to the Parish Council by the Allin family
2001 Parish Council purchased the field and erected fencing and entrance gates. The gates were built by Steven Easterbrook
2002 The official opening was held on 3 June. Management committee set up.
2003 Memorial seat and tree donated by the Vickery family in memory of their son Matthew. Two picnic bouncers donated by Clinton Estates. The Frithelstock Fete held 5 July.
2004 Many applications for grants pursued to add to add to playground equipment
2005 Grants £25,000 from `Living Spaces’, and £5,000 from Awards For All’ secured.
2006 New Equipment installed. 2 Springers, Activity Unit, Roundabout and Fitness Equipment. Officially opened by Jean Hopkins 11 May.
2007 Two swings added for Junior and Senior’s use. Applied for `Government Lottery Awards For All’ grant. Received £10,000.
2008 Special equipment for Fitness for All ages installed, and a gazebo built.
See below for Grand Opening Day
2012 Equipment inspection Report
2016 Equipment inspection Report



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