The Hall is administered by a Management Committee comprised of Elected Members who are elected at the AGM, Representative Members who are appointed by User Groups and the Officers appointed by the Committee. 

Elected Members 

Adrian Green – Chairman ( 623115 or  )
Mel Goldman – Vice Chair ( 622560 or  )
Derek Raymont
Eileen Brown
Andy Haville
Marcelle Paton Smith

Representative Members

For the Parish Council :

Mackie Poole
Roger Hunkin
Peter Hutchings
Gale Riddell
Michael Stokes

For Skittles : Arthur Poole
For the Women’s Institute : Ruth Blake
For the Parish Church : Jean Short
For the Playing Field Committee : Terry Warrington


Lizzy Hunkin ( Secretary )
Colette Henerty ( Treasurer ) ( 623115 or  )
Julian Carrington ( Auditor )
Jean Short ( Bookings Secretary 623359 or  )
Maureen Poole ( Deputy Bookings Secretary )